Annalisa Guerra began her career working in a fabric company that manufactured pure silk for men’s clothing, which allowed her to come in contact with the most prestigious brands in the fashion industry.

Then, in 1983, she moved to the furnishing industry and joined a company, established in 1945, in the Vicenza district. Annalisa learned how to master the various techniques of working with wood, from the drawing board to the finished product, applying the same crafting methods and attention to detail that have been passed down through the furniture business in this region over many centuries.

Thanks to her experience in the fashion industry, Annalisa began to introduce new ideas by combining wood with different materials such as glass, leather, and metal in order to deliver not only new and unique pieces of furniture, but also to build furniture with character.

In 1995, Annalisa started to collaborate with a major manufacturer of luxury design furniture and was given the opportunity to work with renowned international designers, thus discovering new techniques and the use of new materials, such as carbon fiber and perspex.

Building on these experiences Annalisa established ANNIE CLAIRE in 2006.

ANNIE CLAIRE puts the client at the heart of its business by providing bespoke solutions, and is ready to satisfy every aspect of creativity, design and delivery.

Craftmanship, attention to detail, the use of quality materials, combined with the patient process of painting multiple coats of varnish, and careful consideration of technology, give our pieces of furniture a lifetime guarantee of quality and functionality.

Knots and imperfections testify to the purity and naturalness of the wood we use. Our fabrics are from the most prominent and long-established Italian companies and they allow us to satisfy both younger clients with fresher fabrics such as cotton, and the most demanding customers with velvet, silk and metal embroidery.






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